About LibraryCo

LibraryCo Inc. is a share capital corporation mandated to undertake the central management of the Ontario county courthouse library system in accordance with the objectives, policies and principles established and approved by the Law Society of Upper Canada from time to time, in consultation with the County and District Law Presidents’ Association and the Toronto Lawyers’ Association.

Lawyers require access to current and historical legal information in order to properly practice law. Local libraries play a fundamental role in developing and enhancing the skills required of competent lawyers in Ontario. Under LibraryCo’s central management, the county and district law libraries provide high quality legal information services in a cost-effective and efficient manner to all lawyers in the province, regardless of geographic location or type of practice.

As part of its mandate, LibraryCo establishes policies and priorities for the provision of law library services and programs by the county law libraries, provides funding to the associations to pay for the operation of the county law libraries, establishes guidelines and standards for the organization and operation of the county law libraries, and advises Convocation on all aspects of law library services and programs in the county law libraries.